Google has now migrated to thus if you grant Geoloc permission in your browser, every G-service on can track your location.

After two years of negotiations with Microsoft, the joint committee of the German federal data protection authority and 17 state regulators (DSK) published a devastating statement that essentially says that organizations currently cannot use MS365 in a lawful way under the GDPR.

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Did I miss a new Robert Rodriguez movie? 

«Officials in Wisconsin found a series of failures and federal violations at a nursing home where a renegade nurse cut off a man's foot without his consent and wanted to have it stuffed in her family's taxidermy shop and put on display to warn children to "wear your boots" in cold weather.»

I just finished doing a revision. The letter to editor and referees was 38 pages long. And behind that there was a ton of work. Was the paper so much better? Not really. We have a very inefficient culture. For a profession that aims to understand optimal resource allocation, this seems a shame. We need to shape up.

It seems like transfers should be useless in such a standard uniform-quadratic world, and the principal would do no better than delegation (restricting the agent's action set). I feel like I've seen this result at some point, but cannot find the source. Any suggestions?



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Hey collective mind, I'm looking for a paper or a result that should (I think) exist but I can't find it.

I'm looking for the optimal contract in the standard uniform-quadratic setting. I.e., state s~U[0,1], action a in R, principal has quadratic losses and wants a=s; agent the same, but wants a=s+b. The principal can commit to some payment scheme as a function of a (but not s).


I did not know about this: educators get a 75% discount on subscriptions from The Economist. Not a bad deal.

I guess this is my #introduction post 😀, as I also made an account here fearing twitter's demise.

I am a PhD student in #EnvironEcon at Aarhus University, in #Denmark.

I also am part of a #Brazilian team of economists contributing to "Por Quê - Economês em bom Português". I write monthly opinion articles about environmental and natural resource economics issues, green economy and sustainable development in Brazil, in Folha de S.Paulo

So... Hello everyone 👋

An interesting insight, trivial ex post but I don't think I ever heard it stated before:
can only take place in eqm if the sender can appropriate some benefits of reputation -- i.e., if they have at least some market power.

Market Power and Separating Equilibrium in Job Market Signaling by Abhimanyu Khan

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So now that we're off twitter, we can discuss twitter. There is a perceived tension between Elon's goals of "luring advertisers" and "free speech", since a bunch of free speech is not advertiser-friendly.

But what stops twitter from following youtube in price-discriminating among content providers? If your tweets are ad-friendly, you get a slice if the ad revenue pie. If not - oh well. Is enforcement the problem here, is it difficult to monitor ad-friendliness? Or is there something else?

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Here is a Google doc aiming to keep track of econ field groups on Mastodon. If there is no group for your field, make one!

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Hello fellow mammoths!

A brief : I am an assistant professor at , interested in of (communication, learning, processing -- you name it!). Mostly from a theory perspective, but you never know where the current will take you.


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